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Regeneration: A Practical Example

Sammic set out to feed 130 people with 2 chefs and 2 SmartVide stirrer circulators. Our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann and a member of his team, along with a SmartVide8 and SmartVide6, regenerated and served several dishes to attendees, showing, among other things, how interesting the use of sous-vide cookers are to regenerate pre-prepared food. When things are done well, the amount need not be at odds with the quality of the final product.

Super Gin & Tonic

SmartVide is not just versatile within the kitchen. If you're not careful, the bar staff will be after it as well.

In this very special gin and tonic recipe, we flavour the ice cubes infusing the tonic water with different spice combinations.




 30 cl. tonic water

 5 cl. gin

For the flavoured ice cubes:

10 g. juniper

  5 g. lime zest


           10 g. cinnamon stick

           10 g. green cardamom


     10 g.liquorice stick

          10 pink and black pepper


Place the three pairs of spices in three separate bags at 90% vacuum with 100 g of tonic water in each.

Place the three bags in the SmartVide and leave for 20 minutes at 65°C / 149ºF. After opening the bags, drain separately and cool. Place in the freezer to make the tonic ice cubes with the three flavours.

Prepare the gin and tonic in the traditional way but with the flavoured tonic ice cubes that take your fancy.

I've Got an Oven, Why do I Need a SmartVide?

A professional user asked us: if I’ve already got a convection or mixed oven why do I need a SmartVide? In this post we will try to explain the main diferences between the SmartVide and the oven.

The SmartVide and the oven (convection or mixed, hereafter “oven”) are two different concepts. They are two products that respond to different needs and that can complement each other perfectly in a kitchen. We will try to explain the main differences between the SmartVide and the oven, in order to understand the details that may lead us to select a SmartVide at a certain moment.



smartvide-8_cubeta - copia



Accuracy in cooking Precision cooking. +-0.01°C Less precise. +/-2-3ºC.
Versatility and portability Portability inside and out of the kitchen. Practically zero mobility. Changing the function requires waiting times.
Productivity Large cooking capacity without quality loss. Piling up bags when cooking is not advisable.
Consumption Limited consumption. High consumption in comparison with the SmartVide.
Compact size It can fit into any small space in the kitchen. It occupies a significant amount of space in the kitchen.
Prior installation It does not require prior installation. It requires prior installation (outlet for fumes).
Regeneration Accurate and continuous regeneration. Rather impractical for regeneration.


Immersion cooking is the most precise there is. In the oven, there may be temperature variations of between 2 and 3ºC between one area and another.


SmartVide offers versatility of movement inside and out of the kitchen. The quick cooling of the appliance makes it possible to move it then moment the work is done. In ovens, the versatility of movement and function is quite limited. There is little mobility, if any at all, due to its volume. The possibility of changing the program from dry to steam (necessary for the cooking at low temperatures) requires a waiting time.


SmartVide guarantees a high cooking capacity with no quality loss, as the bag is in direct contact with the water in circulation at all times. It is possible to stack bags without problems of uniform cooking. In ovens, piling up bags when cooking is not advisable. This is because the steam is not able to penetrate between the bags, and may leave those in the middle not fully cooked.


SmartVide saves energy with long cooking times. Energy consumption is high in an oven in comparison with SmartVide.


The compact size of SmartVide means it can fit into any small space in the kitchen. Installing an oven requires space, money and effort, and it must be placed in a specific predetermined location. It cannot be adapted to small spaces on workbenches.


SmartVide does not require prior installation. An oven requires prior installation, as it needs an outlet for the fumes.


The SmartVide enables regeneration at a controlled and homogenous temperature, which enables us to preserve the quality and properties throughout the service time. An oven is rather impractical for regenerating different components at different times due to the continuous need to open the door, with the consequent loss of temperature and accuracy.

Cochinita Pibil

Prepping tacos for service made easy. Just marinate, vac pack and let your SmartVide8 Plus do all the work. 

Cod in Light Pil Pil Sauce

A great way to pack flavour into any fish and hardly any washing up! Think of the possibilities!


56L capacity

Fully portable with transport case

On point temperature control within 0.01°C

Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate storage and exact requirements of recipes

                                                  COMING TO OUR SHORES IN AUGUST 2015

77°C Octopus

Another delicious recipe from Sammic's corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann, featuring the brand new Smartvide 8 Plus Immersion Circulator, set to hit our shores in early August 2015.

63°C Egg with Spring Pea & Jamon

Make simple ingredients sing with the Sammic immersion circulator.

New model set to drop in August - stay tuned!!

Transparency by Vacuum: Apple Amber

Another of the many applications of the Sammic Vacuum Packaging machines.

Infuse fruits, vegetables and meats with different flavours and constantly keep your diners guessing.

There is no limit to what you can create with a machine as versatile as this.

Iberian Pork Sirloin with Pink & Black Pepper Corns

Another of Enrique Fleischmann's delicious recipes showcasing the use of Sammic products combined with fantastic regional produce. 

Take a look at this video for more inspiration.


Enrique Fleischmann’s Notes

Important points regarding the SOUS-VIDE in this recipe

  • Precise cooking in a temperature controlled bath applied to an ingredient such as pork sirloin is paramount for optimal quality in the recipe and the end result.
  • The aroma and blending that we can achieve with the help of the vacuum is intense and surprising.
  • With the SOUS-VIDE technique it is possible to recover all the juices from cooking and with this finish the dish by preparing a reduction, sauce or juice at that moment.
  • The excellent combination of SOUS-VIDE cooking at low temperature and the subsequent final browning on the hotplate or grill makes a very effective duo in the quest for taste and texture of our recipe.

Not Your Average Scrambled Eggs & Mushies


Gastronomy is recognized by everybody, as one of the cradles of innovation in Spain. The 2015 edition of The Genie Award CMVocento granted took place on April 9th at San Sebastian and it focused on gastronomy, giving out The Genius Innovation Special Award 2015 to El Celler de Can Roca.

The event was a complete schedule of conferences in which our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann was in charge of making the “Pintxo Genius 2.0“. 

Our team of chef's renovated a recipe for scrambled eggs with mushrooms, using sous-vide technique to get tasty mushroom juice and using this juice to cook sous-vide afterwards, enhancing flavours.

The “Pintxo Genius 2.0“ is the result.

From Sammic, congratulations to Juan Roca and to all of the awardees!



Vacuum Packing Basics

We bring you the basics of Vacuum Packing: packing adjustments and main uses for each     product group; vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, dairies. We hope you find it helpful!

Click here for a full list of products and their temperature and time guide.  

Air Creations: Chocolate Volcanic Stones

Open your world to a vast array of techniques achievable with    Sammic preservation and sous-vide products.

Check out this video and let your imagination run wild with the abundant possibilities of sous-vide technology.


Sammic Launch New Dedicated Sous-Vide Site

In anticipation of the release of the new generation sous-vide machine, SVide8, Sammic have launched a website dedicated solely to the art of sous-vide cooking. Start to finish solutions, techniques, recipes, news, FAQ's and much more, the new website aims to educate, innovate and inspire using the knowledgable guideance of Sammic's own research and development corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann.

Follow the link to our new sous-vide website here and discover the culinary technique that is revolutionizing professional kitchens around the world.


Sammic Australia add new and updated products to our range regularly

Sammic Australia offers a specialised product range covering ware washing, food preparation, food preservation and a number of other specialised products. All products carry a 12 months parts & labour warranty. Sammic Australia also carries an extensive range of spare parts for all of our products. Our service agents are represented in all major capital cities and most regional areas throughout Australia

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