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Call us: +61 3 9584 0933
Product Range | Ware Washing

From glass to pot/utensil washers, cutlery to glass polishers, Sammic Australia's Ware Washing selection provides a comprehensive range for all your ware washing needs.

X-41B DD
  • For washing glasses, cups, cutlery and small plates

  • 3 wash cycles with final cold rinse

  • Double skinned door with high efficiency seal, ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Removable stainless steel rack holders ensure even distribution of wash water without dead zones

  • Precision positioned water jets guarantee optimum washing result for even the most stubbornly stained glasses

  • Easy to assemble, boltless rinse spray arms

  • A double filter system provides effective wash pump protection that is easily removed (for maintenance and  cleaning) and replaced, without tools

  • Completely rounded, stainless steel wire rack support and guide

  • Comes standard with drain pump and detergent & rinse aid dosing equipment

  • Adjustable wash tank and boiler temperature and security in the boiler

  • Rinse boiler temperature adjustment and a thermal cycle delay option, guaranteeing a minimum final rinse temperature of 85ºC for each and every rinse cycle

  • X-41B DD Product Information Sheet