1010215FC-1+ 1mm slicing disc$220
1010220FC-2+ 2mm slicing disc$220
1010222FC-3+ 3mm slicing disc$220
1010407FC-6+ 6mm slicing disc$220
1010400FC-8+ 8mm slicing disc$220
1010401FC-10+ 10 mm slicing disc$220
1010402FC-14+ 14 mm slicing disc$242
1010252FC-20+ 20 mm slicing disc$242
1010247FC-25+ 25 mm slicing disc$242
1010295FCO-2+ 2mm ripple slicing disc$242
1010300FCO-3+ 3mm ripple slicing disc$242
1010350FFC-8+ 8mm chipping grid$242
1010355FFC-10+ 10mm chipping grid$242
1010360FMC-8+ 8mm dicing grid$235
1010365FMC-10+ 10mm dicing grid$235
1010370FMC-14+ 14mm dicing grid$235
1010375FMC-20+ 20mm dicing grid$235
1010380FMC-25+ 25mm dicing grid$235
1010361QC-8 8mm quick dicing grid cleaner$220
1010366QC-10 10mm quick grid cleaner$220
1010359QCH- quick grid cleaner holder$135
1010406FCC-2+ 2mm curved slicing disc$220
1010403FCC-3+ 3mm curved slicing disc$220
1010404FCC-5+ 5mm curved slicing disc$220
1010205FCE-2+ 2mm julienne disc$280
1010210FCE-4+ 4mm julienne disc$280
1010405FCE-8+ 8mm julienne disc$280
1010310FR-2+ 2mm shredding disc$190
1010311FR-3+ 3mm shredding disc$190
1010312FR-4+ 4mm shredding disc$190
1010313FR-7+ 7mm shredding disc$190
1010260FR-1+ 1mm grating disc$190
1010262FR-8+ grating disc$190
1010390FP+ 8mm potato masher kit$360
Blades Suitable for CA-300 & CA-400
1010265FF-6 chipping grid$245.00
1010270FF-8 chipping grid$245.00
1010275FF-10 chipping grid$245.00
1010340FFC-10 10mm French Fries grid$420.00
1010280FM-8 dicing grid$230.00
1010285FM-10 dicing grid$230.00
1010290FM-20 dicing grid$230.00
1010330FMC-10 10mm dicing grid$485.00
1010335FMC-16 16mm dicing grid (for CA-400 only)$460.00
1010332FMC-20 20mm dicing grid$445.00
Blades Only
2019074FCE 2 Comb (set of 2)$203.00
2019076FCE 4 Comb (set of 2)$130.00
2019075FCE 8 Comb (1)$58.50
2019078FC (straight)$42.00
2019080FCC (curved)$62.00
2019082FCO (ripple)$99.00