Insulated Tank for Immersion Circulator


• Double skinned + fully insulated

• Stainless steel construction

• Complete with tap for easy drainage

1180060- Insulated Tank for Immersion Circulator (28L)

1180065- Insulated Tank for Immersion Circulator (56L)

Lid for Insulated Tank


• Stainless steel construction

• Prevents water evaporation during cooking process

• Adapts to 1/1 and 2/1 standard gastronorm containers as well as Sammic 56L insulated tank

• Complete with handle and cut out to fit the SmartVide range

1180062- Lid for Insulated Tank (28L)

1180067- Lid for Insulated Tank (56L)

Floating Balls (1000)


• Hollow Plastic Floating Balls – 20mm diameter

• Create a blanket of insulation in any open bath, reducing heat loss and evaporation

• Help keep vac packs under the water

• Reduce fumes and splashing hazards

• Can be used in temperatures up to 110°C and in most bath fluids

Needle Probe for Smartvide8 Plus


• To be used in conjunction with probe foam seal to retrieve and record internal temperatures of items within the sous-vide bath

• All results are logged and can be exported to your printer or smart device for HACCP control

• Accurate to 0.01°C of a degree

Probe Foam Seal Tape


• 10mm x 4M

• Used to prevent losing vacuum into the bag when using a needle probe