Combi Veg Prep-Food Processor- 230V/50Hz/1~  -   Watch Video

  • User-friendly, waterproof LED-lit control panel
  • Hopper, lid and bowl easily detachable for interchanging or cleaning
  • Output: 150-450kg/hr

As Vegetable Preparation Machine:

  • Machine and discs specially designed to obtain the perfect cut
  • Adjustable speed (5 positions)
  • Ergonomic design: large production with only one arm motion
  • Lateral shootout: allows operation in reduced spaces and directs the product avoiding spray

As Food Processor:

  • Adjustable speed (10 positions), programmable by time and pulse switch
  • 5L. stainless steel food processor bowl
  • Polycarbonate lid complete with scraper that allows consistent and homogeneous mixing and avoids product overheating
  • Optional flat blade set for raw meat and fibrous products
  • Optional perforated blade set specially designed to beat and mix

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