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  • Mousse, sauces, puree, powders, spice mixes, soups, fillings, sorbets, ice-cream, cocktails and much more can be produced by the FRIX AIR
  • Two working speed selections- standard – 2mins and fast – 1min
  • Equipped with rinsing cycle
  • Take little room in the kitchen
  • Recipes can be prepared at any time and put in the freezer
  • With an accurate planning of the use of the FRIX AIR less kitchen staff will be required and wastage will be drastically minimized
  • The preparation is always ready and available, it is taken out of the freezer only on demand
  • Bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, reusable, stackable and are colour coded according to HACCP guidelines
  • Streamlines processes within the kitchen, reducing both prep and cook time and potentially increasing menu offering
  • Single serving bowls (180ml) allow upmost hygiene to be observed as each time the whole bowl is processed and used
  • Every portion is identical to the next and all ingredients are perfectly mixed and homogenous
  • Micro switched glass door ensures safety

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