• Output: 50-350Kg/Hr
  • Inlet Opening Dimensions: 89cm2
  • Motor Speed: 300-1000 RPM
  • Loading: 1100W
  • Dimensions: 378 x 309 x 533mm


  • Equipped with brushless technology: powerful efficient and quiet
  • Exclusive ‘Force Control System’: guarantee of a uniform and quality result
  • High precision settings and comprehensive disc design aimed at obtaining up to 35 different cuts and grating grades
  • Gravity product expulsion ramp
  • Ejection disc included
  • Sturdy construction in food-grade best quality materials
  • Lateral product output and adjustable ejection direction (left & right) to minimize space requirements and adapt to existing workflow in the prep area
  • 3 point safety mechanism- head-cover-switch
  • Complete error warning system
  • Can be converted to a combination machine if/when the need arises

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions309 × 378 × 533 cm