• Pump Size: 20m³/Hr
  • Seal Bar Length: 2 x 420mm
  • Chamber Dimensions: 568 x 431 x 215mm
  • Loading: 750W
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 25 Programs
  • H₂O Sensor
  • Gas Injection System


  • Equipped with a high quality Busch pump
  • Dry Oil program: to remove impurities and clean the oil in the pump for optimal working conditions
  • Controlled decompression preventing damage to the product or the bag
  • Cable free sealing bars with 2 elements each for an effective double seal
  • STOP button to move on to the next stage of the cycle at any time
  • Hour counter to monitor working hours and time until next service
  • Pause button enables the freezing of the vacuum stage at any point to accelerate marination/curing and tenderising
  • Staged vacuum program for soft and porous products allowing the removal of air trapped in products that would otherwise not be extracted
  • 25 program memory and locking function to eliminate inadvertent changing of programming
  • H₂O Sensor to significantly reduce spillage inside chamber
  • Optional: label printing system

Additional information

Weight70.5 kg
Dimensions552 × 634 × 513 cm