• Cycle Duration: 90/120/150/180 seconds
  • Water Consumption: 1.9L/cycle
  • Maximum Load Height: 300mm
  • Wash Tank Capacity: 9L
  • Wash Tank Loading: 1200W
  • Wash Pump Loading: 0.33Hp/250W
  • Boiler Loading: 2500W
  • Tank Loading: 1200W
  • Total Loading: 2750W
  • Basket Dimensions: 400 x 400mm
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  • Sani-Control: guaranteed disinfection in compliance with standard DIN10534
  • Thermal Lock function ensures rinsing will only be carried out at ideal temperature for sanitizing
  • Double walled body for heating efficiency and acoustic management
  • New deep-drawn chambers and integrated rack guides with rounded corners for improved hygiene and structural robustness
  • Deep drawn chambers also offer a higher wash performance and up to 30% saving in water energy and detergent compared to the previous models
  • Enhanced loading height and optional extra rack guides to facilitate 2 baskets at a time – effectively doubling capacity
  • New HydrobladeTM arms with redesigned nozzles ensure curtain of water is more uniform and powerful while generating a sharper spray panel
  • The new linear design of the Hydroblade arm allows for the removal of filters without having to remove the arm first
  • The composite Hydroblade version included with this model lightens the traditionally heavier wash arm improving rotation at lower pressures and making the wash and rinse cycles more efficient
  • 3 stage filter system traps even the smallest of debris to ensure wash water is in optimum condition while protecting the tubing and wash pumps internally
  • The design of the new deep-drawn tank facilitates the partial renewal of the wash water after each cycle – preventing the water in the tank from becoming saturated with dirt and maintaining constant washing efficiency throughout the day
  • New doors with ‘Easy-Grip’ handle
  • Colour LCD screen that can be viewed from all angles with cycle status display and easy icon and colour coding
  • Simple and intuitive selection of 5 built in ideal wash programs using icons
  • Wash Plus+ function increases intensity of the cycle for greater washing efficiency
  • Advanced panel allows user to adjust parameters to suit their specific needs
  • Soft Start – progressive start of washing pump to protect fragile items
  • Cold rinse function

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Dimensions540 × 490 × 710 cm