SU Vacuum Packing Machine Family

SU Family  -   Watch Video

Equipped with a high precision sensor and Busch pumps, leaders on the market, all of the models offer the possibility of obtaining an accurate vacuum for a perfect result.

In addition to this, the SU by Sammic vacuum packers have advanced features such as a backlit touch keypad with an LCD screen, programme memory, vacuum plus, control of the evaporation of liquids, “pause” button for marinating foods, intelligent progressive atmosphere, vacuum cycle by stages, etc., as well as a wide range of options such as the inert gas inlet, the option of printing labels, welding plus for metal bags or Bluetooth connectivity and the SammicVAC app to programme by the name of the product and print labels for effective HACCP control.


  • Packaging of raw foods: Vacuum packaging delays bacterial growth in raw foods, keeping their qualities intact for longer
  • Packaging of traditionally cooked products: The packaging of cooked products allows for rationed storage and quickness when serving
  • Sous-vide and low temperature cooking: Cooking using a low temperature is an increasingly popular culinary technique due to its numerous advantages. Vacuum packing the food is a required condition of this technique
  • Freezing of vacuum packed products: As there is no transfer of moisture between the product and the environment, freezing vacuum-packed products keeps the food under optimal preservation conditions
  • Non-food: Vacuum packaging is not only useful for food but also for products that require special protection such as electronics, jewellery, cosmetics, etc.