Vegetable Preparation Blades

Suitable for CA-301/401/601 & CK-301/302, 401/402

Slicing Discs (straight & ripple)  for potatoes, carrot, beetroot & cabbage etc.

Chipping Grids combined with FC-6+, 8+, 10+ slicing discs for French fries

Dicing Grids for use with FC-3+ to -25+ slicing discs for dicing potatoes for omelettes, vegetables and fruits

Quick Grid Clean for an efficient, quick and safe grid cleaning option that is also dishwasher safe

Curved Slicing Discs for slicing tomatoes, oranges, lemons, bananas, apples etc. are specially designed for soft products

Julienne Discs for French fries, strips or batons of potato, carrot, celery, beetroot etc.

Shredding Discs for vegetable, cheese, bread, nuts etc.

Grating Discs for grating bread, hard cheese, chocolate etc.

Potato Masher Kit is ideal for getting potato puree using a vegetable preparation machine