Compact Handheld Liquidiser

  • Capacity: >15L
  • Max Working Depth: 203mm
  • Arm Length: 300mm
  • Total Length: 564mm
  • Speed Variation: 1500 - 15,000 RPM (in liquid)
  • Blade Cover Diameter: 82mm
  • Loading: 300W
Key Features

  • Professional hand blender designed for carrying out different preparations of up to 15L without the need for add-on tools
  • Variable Speed - 1500-15000rpm
  • Ergo-design & bi-mat-grip External casing (in two materials) allows an ergonomic hold with an anti-slip grip and the handle features optimum inclination to minimise fatigue
  • Click-on-arm detachable arm with fast and secure closure
  • Easy to clean detachable arm can be cleaned under the tap
  • Comes equipped with wall bracket for storage & hygiene
Which is right for you?


Potato Peeler - 230V/50Hz/1~ (10Amp)




POTATO PEELER (without stand & filter)



  • Capacity: 10-12Kg/load
  • Output: 220-270 Kg/Hr
  • Cycle Duration: 0-6 minutes
  • Loading: 400W,Dimensions – no stand: 395 x 700 x 503 w x d x h (mm)
  • Dimensions – with stand: 411 x 700 x 1015 w x d x h (mm).
  • Dimensions: 433 x 638 x 440mm
  • Capacity: 5Kg/load
  • Output: 80-100Kg/Hr
  • Cycle Duration: 0-6 minutes
  • Loading: 350W
  • Dimensions – no stand: 333 x 367 x 490mm
  • Dimensions – with stand: 425 x 555 x 965mm
  • Dimensions: 536 x 760 x 445mm

P/N: 1000399     P/N: 1000397     

P/N: 2009224     P/N: 2009223     
  • Watermark approved
  • Manufactured in cast aluminium alloy
  • abrasive is highly resistant and long lasting
  • integral control panel complete with on/off push buttons and a 0-6 min timer
  • Optional extra: stainless steel floor stand and filter with no foam feature
  • Facilitates the 'Filter with No Foam Feature'
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy to install
  • Base plate lined with abrasive
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Can be placed near kitchen sink for drainage
  • Abrasive is highly resistant and long lasting
  • Integral control panel complete with on/off push buttons and a 0-6 min timer
  • Optional extra: stainless steel floor stand and filter with no foam feature
  • Filter unit collects waste and 'no foam' feature sprays a fine mist of water over to separate the solids from the liquids for easy disposal
  • Stand facilitates filter

Where to Buy

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