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As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In any kitchen – whether at home, in a restaurant, hotel, bar, production or catering – cooking starts with prep work. And anyone who’s worked in a kitchen knows that being on top of your prep list won’t save you from having a bad service. But chaos almost always ensues when you fall behind in prep work. After all, you can’t chase time you don’t have. Sammic’s new compact range eases the load on the kitchen by making food preparation more effortless than ever. Designed to be more intuitive and intelligent than previous ranges, the compact range safeguards efficiency and production in even the most limited kitchens.

A model for every user

Sammic’s latest range offers professionals the same first-class performance expected of all their vegetable preparation machines repackaged into more versatile and compact units. Utilising sensors on the motor block to maximise the machine’s functionality, users now have the option to have a dual-purpose unit. For example, the CA veg prep machine can easily transform into a food processor by simply swapping the head for the attachable bowl and blade. Conversely, the K/KE cutters can be utilised as a veg prep machine by removing the bowl and blade and replacing it with the corresponding head. The individual units themselves also offer maximum versatility. The cutter and emulsifier can interchange between cutting, grinding, mixing, kneading and emulsifying within seconds. Whilst the veg prep machine provides a variety of settings and blades that allow you to produce 350kg of vegetables chopped perfectly to your desired preference per hour. Additionally, customers who want even more from their machine can customise the built-in programs to tailor the unit to their kitchen’s specific needs.

The engineers behind Sammic’s solutions created a range designed to fit into any kitchen – no matter how big or small. The ergonomic design was made for the real world, and every detail of the units was purposeful. For example, the direction of the product ejection chute on the veg prep machines is adjustable to allow users to maximise the workflows and space available. Moreover, each unit allows kitchens to make the most of their workspace with the recessed cord relief enabling the machine to sit flush against any wall. This, combined with the compact size, means that the devices can also be moved from section to section – such as from the saucier station to the entremetier station and then to the pâtissier station – or be put away, with ease.

Machines designed for the user

The compact range was designed to maximise simplicity and intelligence to ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible. Sammic has spent years testing and revising every detail of the kitchen preparation machines to ensure that they will aid any kitchen. This includes each unit’s ability to provide chefs with the assurance of consistency and reliability. For example, Sammic’s compact range veg prep machines feature a gravity-enhanced ejection slide and precision settings that protect the integrity of the ingredient whilst providing perfect cuts with minimal wastage. On the other hand, the food processors feature lateral stirrers, invert-blade technology and precisely positioned cutting edges to guarantee homogenous fine mixing and uniform results. The units also feature ergonomic handles and intuitive language-neutral electronic command panels to allow anyone in the kitchen to maximise production without user fatigue. Moreover, accessories and attachments, such as blades, bowls, heads or covers, are easy to detach from the machine and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning almost as easy as operating the machine. Finally, the compact range’s smaller design ensures that the units are lightweight and practical for any busy kitchen. However, despite the size, the compact range embodies the robustness of Sammic’s other ranges. The compact range of machines is constructed from reinforced high-quality food-grade materials that allow it to be sturdy enough to withstand the chaotic nature of a kitchen. This is combined with the high-powered asynchronous motor, which guarantees the machine remains operational for years on end without sacrificing performance power.

The smart choice in the kitchen

Most importantly, Sammic’s latest range of products prioritises the health and safety of its user. Not only do the units feature various safety systems, such as microswitches on the accessories, covers, lids and power switches, but every unit has a complete error warning system integrated into the programming. The system will alert you to any issues and unexpected dangers of the machine as soon as they arise. Each unit has also been rigorously tested repeatedly and has received a certification by NSF International, guaranteeing that it meets all regulations on hygiene, cleaning and materials suitable for contact with foods. Sammic also offers a minimum 12-month warranty on parts and labour in case something goes wrong. Sammic’s new compact range is the obvious choice for any kitchen. With the ability to produce and process a high volume of consistent and reliable products and ingredients, the latest range of veg prep, cutters and emulsifiers and combi machines is guaranteed to keep the prep work in your kitchen on track. In addition, the compact range allows chefs to integrate vital kitchen equipment without sacrificing workflow and space. For more information on Sammic’s latest compact range or any of their other products, contact us today.

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